TOAR Version 2 Data Use Policy

Intended Use

The documented data on ozone mixing ratios, exposure and dose metrics is meant to be used for research on the global-scale impact of ozone on climate, human health and crop/ecosystem productivity.


Publicly accessible through a REST API interface.


TOAR provides data under the CC-BY 4.0 license (

TOAR makes use of open data only. Air quality data is factual in nature, and in some jurisdictions may not be subject to copyright or other protections, limiting its use or distribution. However, in some jurisdictions, copyright and/or laws and regulations may apply to some of the data on the TOAR platform. A number of our sources provide their air quality data under specific licensing, such as Creative Commons licensing or open government licenses, which require source attribution.


The IPR stays with the data provider. This includes the derivation of aggregated values and statistical evaluations of the individual data series, which are provided as a service by the TOAR data centre. The IPR of data composites and value-added products lies with the producer of the data products.

Access rights:

All users can read all data and search / read all metadata.

How to reference (cite) the data source

The TOAR database should be cited as Schröder et al; TOAR Data Infrastructure;
For individual data series and small set of data series the original data sources should be cited. A recommended citation is provided with the metadata when data are downloaded.


The TOAR Database does not host sensitive personal data nor any other delicate or confidential data. The infrastructure supports the data producers to comply with rules of good scientific practice as called for by the WDS Data Policy, DFG (German Research Foundation), HGF (Helmholtz Association) and others. There are no ethical or legal issues involved in air quality and meteorological data except ownership.

The TOAR data centre assumes no responsibility for the correctness of the data under its curation. While we continuously improve our procedures for data quality control and documentation and work with data providers to achieve the best possible quality of the data products, we cannot guarantee suitability of the data for any intended use. In particular, we shall not be held responsible for any financial damage or legal consequences arising from improper use of the data.

TOAR Version 1 Data Use Policy

The data in the TOAR V1 database have been compiled from over 30 different sources including databases from large national and international environmental programs as well as individual researchers. When you make use of data from individual stations or networks we ask you to get in contact with the respective organisation or individual to find out the conditions for using their data and publishing the results of such analyses. The JOIN web interface can assist you by displaying the PI name and email contact where available. When you use aggregated statistics across multiple networks and data sources, please include a reference to the paper listed above and include an acknowledgement of the TOAR initiative for making this data collection possible.