1. Frequently asked questions about general aspects

1.1. What are the differences between the System and the Service Components of TOAR?

  • the TOAR data portal - a one stop shop to locate and access tropospheric ozone data from a loage variety of measurement paltforms (https://toar-data.org),

  • the TOAR web services - an interactive GUI (graphical user interface) for the online analysis of station based surface ozone measurements is under developing. Other web services with REST API (representational state transfer, application programming interface) which allows for machine access to ozone data and ozone analyses are DO3SE (beta version) REST API service for flux-based vegetation damage assessment and analysis services REST API service for bulk data downloads and statistics on TOAR data,

  • the TOAR database of station-based ground-level measurements of ozone, ozone precursors and meteorological variables. This database also contains meteorological variables from weather models. Access to the data is provided via the TOAR web services,

  • the TOAR data publication service enables the TOAR data curators to publish data sets to the external service B2SHARE at FZJ (https://b2share.fzjuelich.de/communities/TOAR). B2SHARE offers trusted long-term publication of ozone data sets as well as TOAR analysis products and it includes DOI (digital object identifier) assignment with Data cite.

1.2. How do I get directly to the TOAR database infrastructre?

Via the TOAR portal you can access the TOAR database by clicking on the “Surface data” area: https://toar-data.org/surface-data/ or to access “TOAR database infrastructure” directly from here, click here: https://toar-data.fz-juelich.de/.

1.3. How can I stay up to date about the TOAR Initiative?

Please register on our website at the link: https://igacproject.us19.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=aeb9ed0dde2c98d3a19eef3b7&id=537c6945c1 to be regularly informed about TOAR activities.

1.4. How can I publish the data I have used for a journal publication?

In case the journal publication is contributing to the Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report the related datasets can be published as part of the TOAR community. Get in contact with the TOAR data team, who will work with the authors to create the appropriate metadata record(s) and deposit the data with EUDAT’s B2SHARE service (https://b2share.fz-juelich.de/communities/TOAR).

1.5. Under which licence will the data be published?

Under the licence CC-BY 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). See also the chapter FAQ about the TOAR Databse (user) Section 3.11.

1.6. Can I make sure that the data is not published before the journal paper has been published?

It is possible to put an embargo on the data until the journal paper is out but no longer than 12 months.

1.7. What is the scope of the data collection in TOAR-II, both with respect to the portal and the database?

We aim to provide as much information about TOAR-related data as possible. Specifically, we really want to have links to all datasets referenced in any of the TOAR-II papers included, or, if these are ground-based time series, the data to be included on the TOAR database. While the portal focuses on ozone data only, the database also includes precursor and meteorological observations.