3. Contribute Data to TOAR

All information about the current Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report activity can be found on the TOAR-II web page: https://igacproject.org/activities/TOAR/TOAR-II. You may want to sign-up for the TOAR-II mailing list (http://eepurl.com/gU7JIX) to keep up to date.

3.1. Contribute access to a repository

If there is a repository with relevant ozone data which should be linked from the TOAR data portal, please get in touch with us through the upper contact form at https://toar-data.org/contribute/#contribute_toar_data.

3.2. Contribute surface ozone data to the TOAR database

Time series of surface ozone observations and accompanying meteorological information or precursor data form a key part of the TOAR trend assessment. The TOAR database strives to compile a complete picture of global surface ozone observations. Therefore, we would be pleased to include your data in this collection. We provide in return the recognition of your contribution to a large international assessment activity, a set of data checking and quality control plots which may help you to identify potential issues with your data set, and a user-friendly web interface that will allow visualisation and comparison of data sets. We guarantee that you maintain full ownership and control over your data and that your contribution will be duly acknowledged and cited in the TOAR analyses. If you want to have your data set being published in its curated form, we take care of it and provide you with the corresponding DOI. In order to be of use for TOAR we require that all time series submitted to us originate from quality-controlled measurements using commonly accepted standard instrumentation (i.e. we do not accept data from low cost sensors), that they are reported with at least hourly time resolution, and that they cover at least two years of measurement or two “ozone seasons”. Data from shorter field campaigns may be acceptable if they originate from a data-sparse region. Also, historic data (prior to 1990) may be acceptable with coarser time resolution. If in doubt, please contact us using the general contact form at https://toar-data.org/contact/. Time series data should be compiled according to the format given in the TOAR_UG_Vol05_Data_Submission_Guide and submitted through the contact form of https://toar-data.org/contribute/#contribute_toar_data.